Admiral Ali was born 1968 ina small Village calls Toukabeur in Tunisia, he came in the age of 12 to Germany . came in touch with western music , in his youth time he was looking for his roots, and musical Idendity, he found it in the movement and philosophy of the rasta elders,  reggae bands and musician who came to germany spread the message and the spirit . in the eightys he began to learn playing Drums and to jam with several Bands .in the beginning of the ninetys he plays and tours with the band the lions  through Germany and europe, and makes some solo Dub poetry projekts in the middle of the ninetys he join Dub Division and became permanent Drummer.
He is also ivolving in the composition and arranging of the music from Dub Division.
Free like the raven crossing boarder and spaces, free shall be my heart from racism fascism intolerance and and religion miscommunication One Love Admiral. A