Shalom CD 2012


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2012 Dub Division released their first studio album „Shalom“. This produktion contains ten deep roots reggae songs with an african spiritual soul voice. The music is variating from one drop offbeat, nyahbinghi, rockers and rub a dub. The groove and the fresh sound continues through all the songs. The small, good placed dub elements pushing ones more the easyfull feeling of the arrangements. So listen to it, you will love it. Shalom, love and unity.

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1. Shalom 4’08“
2. I And I 4’43“
3. Nsigo 4’43“
4. Many People 3’38“
5. City Rome 3’45“
6. Nkokko 4’48“
7. Marcus Garvey 4’48“
8. Nyahbinghi 5’08“
9. Tree 5’07“
10. Twalibantu 4’12“