Wisdom CD 2017


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Now it is the time Dub Division and their label Planet Dread Records always going back to the roots, release in february 2017 in the name of peace, love, unity, equal rights and justice their third album called Wisdom. The four experienced musician from hamburg, which are always standing strong and playing the roots reggae without compromise. They deliver nine songs ’70 style of roots rock reggae with nyahbinghi influence. All Songs are mixed by the Dubvisionist Felix Wolter, who also added five wicked dub versions.
Thight bass and drums, soft and sweet rhythm guitar, fresh and hot bubbling organ spiced by the picking and solo guitar. Guided by the spiritual and hypnotising voice.

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1. Wise Up 4’36”
2. Wisdom 6’01”
3. Shalom (2016) 4’07”
4. Man In The Wind 6’22”
5. Call Your Children Home 4’10”
6. We Been 6’02”
7. Jungle 3’36”
8. African Slow Way 4’26”
9. Kingston 4’27”
10. King’s Dub 4’23”
11. Peacefull Dub 4’14”
12. Wisdom 6’06”
13. Dub In The Jungle 3’44”
14. Call Your Dub 4’07”